Olivier Messiaen: Chant (dans le style Mozart)

  • Performance Date: 2012
  • Season: 2011-12
  • Series: Mostly Mozart Festival
  • Precise Instrumentation: Clarinet and Piano
  • Performers: Joshua Rubin, clarinet
    Cory Smythe, piano

Musicological Comments

The following is a description written by James Harley from allmusic.com:

"In 1986, the Paris Conservatoire asked Messiaen to compose a short work for one of their student competitions. The composer complied with a short work for clarinet and piano. For anyone familiar with Messiaen's music, this Chant dans le style de Mozart may come as quite a surprise, for it contains none of the characteristics one would expect: the rich harmonies, the birdsong melodies and textures, etc. Instead, the music is tonal, lyrical, a gem of clarity. The phrasing has the songful quality of Mozart's music. Indeed, there are passages alien to Mozart's style, such as some doubling of the clarinet and piano, and certain unusual turns of phrase. Nevertheless, the resemblance in style is indeed striking. This piece is a wonderful homage, and may lead listeners to hear Messiaen's more original music in a different manner."