Tyshawn Sorey: Ode to Gust Burns (2012)

  • Performance Date: 2012
  • Season: 2011-12
  • Series: MCA Chicago
  • Composer Name: Tyshawn Sorey
  • Composer Dates: b. 1980
  • Composer URL: http://www.tyshawnsorey.net/
  • Premiere Region: World Premiere
  • Precise Instrumentation: Bassoon, Electric Guitar, Piano, Percussion (vibraphone, concert bass drum, tam tam, 2 peking opera gongs)
  • Performers: Cory Smythe, piano
    Rebekah Heller, Bassoon
    Dan Lippel, Guitar
    Ross Karre, percussion
  • Technology: Amplified Guitar with Ebo
  • Duration: 10'24"
  • Auxiliary/Principal Collaborators: Alternate version for Bass Clarinet (replacing bassoon) and Glockenspiel (replacing vibraphone)

Composer's Notes

Eight years ago, on a cold, rainy day in New York City, the pianist Vijay Iyer and I decided to listen to some music together at his apartment; we listened to a CD containing four solo improvisations by Seattle-based pianist/composer Gust Burns, whose music was astonishingly beautiful. Burns creates a unique dialogue between gesture and rhythm in his improvisations. His approach to piano performance opens up a world of sound complexes, creating a fresh, relevant language of improvisation. Burns' work continues to inspire me as an improviser and composer, and Ode to Gust Burns directly deals with my initial exposure to his music.