George Lewis: Collage for Quincy (1992)

  • Performance Date: 2011
  • Season: 2011-12
  • Series: Miller Theatre
  • Composer Name: George Lewis
  • Composer Dates: b. 1952
  • Performers: featuring Quincy Troupe, recitation
  • Duration: 10'
  • Auxiliary/Principal Collaborators: Silas Brown, audio recording
    Ross Karre, video recording
  • Text/Libretto Author: Quincy Troupe

Composed the year before North Star Boogaloo, this piece again features the words of Quincy Troupe, but now speaking live, with an ensemble of eleven instrumentalists. The music springs out of the poetry – not so much following its rhythms now as illuminating its imagery, of lines in movement, a waterfall, shadow catchers, flowers, and keeping up with its glancing allusions to the contemporary world. Also present, once again, are basketball and music, and the figure of Michael Jordan, sprung into the air, the ultimate virtuoso. Collage moves through short sections of different color and tempo, for a total of nine minutes, and was commissioned by Petr Kotik and his S.E.M. Ensemble.