Steve Lehman: Impossible Flow (2011)

  • Performance Date: 2012
  • Season: 2011-12
  • Series: MCA Chicago
  • Composer Name: Steve Lehman
  • Composer Dates: b. 1978
  • Composer URL:
  • Premiere Region: World Premiere
  • Duration: 15' 13"

Composer's Notes

In Impossible Flow, delicate and highly nuanced spectral harmonies are integrated into a series of meticulously crafted rhythmic environments. Expressive timing, compound meter, rubato phrasing, changing tempi, irrational rhythms, and instrumental gesture are treated as a seamless continuum designed to explore the psychology of musical time and it's connection to the elision of timbre and harmony in spectral music. By imagining Impossible Flow in this way, I hope to create an elaborate sense of directionality and form that remains rooted in the physicality of live performance and the corporeal nature of urban rhythmic sensibilities.