Marcos Balter: Descent from Parnassus (2012)

  • Performance Date: 2012
  • Season: 2011-12
  • Series: ICE Solo
  • Composer Name: Marcos Balter
  • Composer Dates: b. 1974
  • Composer URL:
  • Precise Instrumentation: solo flute
  • Performers: Claire Chase, flute
  • Duration: 2' 35"
  • Auxiliary/Principal Collaborators: Karen Chester, producer
    Ross Karre, director of photography

The Art Institute of Chicago commissioned a new work for Chase in January 2012 by the Chicago-based Brazilian composer and longtime collaborator Marcos Balter. The piece, scored for solo flutist doubling a virtuoso vocal part (from Dante’s Canto Paradiso), is inspired by Cy Twombly’s The First Part of the Return from Parnassus (1961), which resides in the Institute’s permanent collection.

A short film of the work performed at the Art Institute in front of the painting was produced by Karen Chester with videography by Ross Karre.