April 7, 2012

Juan Pablo Carreño [post ICElab workshop]

Contributed by Vino Mazzei, media intern with ICE
Vino is a non-practicing classical musician and a student of Integrated Marketing Communications in Chicago

Juan Pablo Carreño took a few moments with us to reflect on his workshop experience with ICE back in February and what he is up to now.

While working with ICE, he was able to test and record fragments of his new piece for solo flute as well as his piece for solo clarinet, ensemble and electronics. Juan Pablo describes the opening gestures of the piece as “a condensation of energy in only three notes of the extreme registers of the flute.” These sounds were some of the results that he had researching the instrument with Eric Lamb during their time together at ICElab. In mid-March, Lamb premiered the solo flute piece in Rome at La Villa Medici.

Currently, Carreño is completing Self-fiction, his piece for clarinet, ensemble and electronics. The recordings made with ICE in New York were done with software used more often in popular music, and became the basis for the electronics portion of Self-fiction. He is currently “deconstructing the sound files, transforming the fragments, and reconstructing the whole as another musical action that I will place behind the principal one, which ends up being the genetic code of the whole electronic part of the piece.”

Juan Pablo describes his work with Eric Lamb and Joshua Rubin as essential in the conception and restructuring of these two pieces. Self-fiction will premiere in Paris this spring.