December 29, 2012

Ross Karre: digitICE 2012 year in review

I've had a somewhat unique vantage from which to view ICE's 2012 year of concerts and tours. I'm a percussionist in the group along with Nathan Davis but I also capture, edit, and manage all of ICE's documentation efforts. Much of this material ends up on our media library, “digitICE”. DigitICE has amassed an incredible number of pieces within its short history. It's not surprising, ICE documents nearly every show it presents. With over 70 concerts last year, we've been able to post a staggering number of pieces to this free online resource. From behind the camera to in front of the computer editing software, I get a chance to view and review ICE's performances. It's a pretty sweet job.

It seems every radio station, news outlet, and blog uses the final days of a given year as a time to take stock and list a top ten of this or that category. I would like to start an annual tradition of recapping ICE's dense performance calendars with a “best of digitICE” blog entry. Ranking them is too difficult so instead I'm going to list them chronologically. It's more like a highlight reel.

George Lewis: Artificial Life at MCA Chicago with an all star cast:

ICElab workshops with Lisa R. Coons and Carla Kihlstedt

George Aperghis's brand new work with Tony Arnold as soloist at MCA Chicago:

Marcos Balter's new piece for Claire:

Our incredible tour of Brazil:

Mostly Mozart at Lincoln Center:

Our tribute to John Cage:

ICElab premieres at the Roulette in Brooklyn:

The new territory explored in Berlin at the Krome Gallery:

ICE also performed numerous incredible concerts in venues in which we weren't allowed to video and audio record. Fond memories of our Aperghis, Boulez, and Neuwirth shows will have to remain in the concert hall along with my absolute favorite concert of the year: Susanna Mälkki conducting Messiaen, Jukka Tiensuu, Harvey, and Francesconi at the Rose Theater for the Mostly Mozart Festival at Lincoln Center.