July 15, 2012

David Byrd-Marrow and the Indian Myna

ICE will be in residence at the Mostly Mozart festival again this year with performances on August 5th at the Rose Theatre, August 8th at the Kaplan Penthouse, August 11th at Alice Tully, and August 12th at the Park Avenue Armory.  We’ve recorded some of the bird calls found in Messiaen’s Oiseaux Exotiques and Le Merle Noir.  Listen to David Byrd-Marrow's below and add it as ringtone to your phone.

Any special reason why you chose the birdcall excerpt you picked to record?
Everyone plays during the Mainate Hindou (Indian Myna) call at the beginning, but the horn can really do the rip in a way that represents a wild animal!

What do you want people to listen for when they come to the Mostly Mozart concerts?
They should watch out for the way we react to each other and embrace the primal nature of each different call. 

What do you hope they will talk about on their way home from the Mostly Mozart concerts?
How wild and crazy it was.

Which piece are you most excited about performing at Mostly Mozart this year?
Oiseaux Exotiques, for sure. It's an amazing piece that gets better with every performance.

Indian Myna (via Horn) from ICE on Vimeo.